Fort Tilden- Abandoned Military Base On The Rockaway Peninsula 

Fort Tilden, also known as Fort Tilden Historic District, is a former United States Army installation in the New York City borough of Queens and part of Gateway National Recreation Area. Building and fortification construction began 1917. The emergency fortifications being built for World War I represented the Taft system of defense.

From the end of World War I through the 1930s, Fort Tilden was occupied only by a caretaker detachment.

A building construction period began in mid-1930s with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) completing many buildings. World War II began in Europe in 1939 and troops arrived at Fort Tilden in 1941. Approximately ninety new buildings were constructed for the war effort.

We managed to explore two old warehouses; one contained boxes upon boxes of rotting books and, strangely, dusty theater backdrops and props, the other was full of rusted machinery. We took a path along the beach where a few fort structures still stood, en route to a big three-story bunker when a security guard came at us out of nowhere on a quad. “How many signs did yous guys just walk past? Huh?” he yelled. “This is trespassin’, I could arrest yous guys.” We told him we were just walking on the beach. “No you weren’t,” he said. “Somebody reported seein’ you walk right past those signs.” Calmly, we told him we were leaving. He threw a few more empty threats at us, telling us if he caught us again he’d get the cops, then spend off over the dunes.  

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